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February 1, 2012 9:37 pm

to the followers of fuckyeah good thoughts

sorry that I have not updated this blog in forever.

life has been busy, and ironically (for the name of the blog), i’ve had more depressive episodes so yeah. 

but things should be back on track, and if you want, you can submit to the blog too! 

anyway, thankyou all for following even though there has been no updates.


July 27, 2011 9:38 pm
I like the first one. 

I like the first one. 

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Please stop this nonsense

I am reporting to all of you that there is a person currently on tumblr who is trying to tell the families of gay, lesbian, transgenders etc when they are not ready. This person calls these people her ‘victims’. 

Here is the link to the blog. I think this person should be stopped and that this blog should be taken down. While it is not wrong to have your opinion, it is wrong to force someone to come out when they are not ready.  

Please take the time to report this blog and end this nonsense.  Here is the blog who is doing this. But do not send this person hate for to respond to hate with hate does not solve a problem. Thankyou

To report: send an email to support@tumblr.com with your reason and the url for the tumblr account(as listed below)


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